BodyBliss Dance

Let’s light up the world with

feminine power.

Let’s light up the world with

feminine power.

Let’s light up the world with

feminine power.

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Hi, I’m Candace

Candace Moss BodyBliss Dance
I show women how to harness their secret powers. How to feel soft and powerful at the same time. How to create a life that lights them up, replenishes, and fulfills them deeply.
I create delicious experiences that help women cultivate bliss in their bodies. My students then use their newly elevated state and self-awareness to up-level their lives: career, sensuality, relationships, family, etc. 
Every woman has a right and responsibility to live completely turned on. Let’s light up the world with pleasure, joy, and feminine power.

Candace, you changed my life by showing me how it looks to graciously receive and to enjoy the sensuality of receiving. You are a living embodiment of authentic charm.” 

~ Robin C.




I love to live and write about self-discovery, bending the rules and expanding our bliss in life and love. Sign up for this juicy Vitamin C in your inbox. Includes occasional dance videos to get you going!


Hire me to speak at your event or facilitate an unforgettable group experience. Engaging topics include Radical Forgiveness, the power of slowing down, and sensual movement as meditation.


Sisterhood in small groups. Self-discovery and feminine empowerment, with BodyBliss sensual moving meditation at the core. 6 weeks online. Get on the list and be the first to be invited to join the next group.



Every woman deserves to reclaim her body, her full range of feelings, and her pleasure. And there’s no way to do this by staying in our head. By using the intuitive sensual movement on a regular basis, we are rewiring the nervous system and opening the portal to pleasure and fulfillment in every other part of our lives.
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“Somehow Candace is able to simultaneously bask in pleasure and receive magnetically, while generously/mischievously making others feel welcome and invited to feel the same way. I’ll have what she’s having!!!” 

~ Valerie V.


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Here’s to lighting up the world!

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