It's your light. 

The world needs it.

I can help you turn it on.

About Me

Hi, I'm Candace. An enthusiastic, curious, creative person. I rarely do anything by the book, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love people. I love meeeting them, drawing out their most glowing attributes, and helping them live the life they've dreamed of. I get turned on by people living in peace, pleasure, and authenticity. I seek out these teachers, and I intend to always be learning from them.

I've been a mom for 17 years, and my two amazing daughters are the best "personal trainers" I could have asked for. After all these years and so many mistakes (still making peace with those), I'm finally learning how to balance taking care of others and taking care of myself. 

I'm part of a worldwide women's community made up of the most beautiful, brilliant, bodacious souls to be found on this planet. I believe that women have the power to heal and redirect this world with love. 

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About My Work
Women are my friends, my sustenance, and my passion. They inspire me to keep on exploring, to be myself and do what I do.

Whether I'm hosting a Ladies Underground event, leading a Radical Forgiveness workshop, or seducing the beauty out of a woman with my work is FUN and HEALING. For me and my clients. 

My job is to help you shine. 

Here's what I believe: In order for peace and love to prevail, the world needs every woman's light turned on.

My passion is helping women dust off the cobwebs and light their own unique fire inside them, blessing the world around them in the process.


I create beautiful, authentic images while having tons of fun. I'm constantly surprising my clients with how good they look (and how great they feel) in front of the camera.

I support women on their personal healing journeys, dissolving old blocks and clearing the way for vibrant health, and the radiant glow that comes with it.

Gatherings that go from intimate to raucous. Music, dancing, laughing, connecting. Rooms full of friends, new and old, celebrating life and leaving invigorated.
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Hi there, and thanks so much for taking to the time to peruse my site.

Whether you're feeling called to:
  • do some deep spiritual work,
  • finally indulge in a set of beautiful portraits,
  • or just meet some amazing women who will lift you up and help you feel alive,

it would be my profound pleasure to meet you and fan the flames of your brilliance.

If you're not sure where to start or what feels right, you might want to join me for virtual tea, a 20-minute laid back conversation about your struggles and your desires. 

Fill out the form below, and I'll be in touch very soon.