BodyBliss INWARD

August 4-20, 2020

  • an intimate group of 8 women
  • online gatherings Tuesday & Thursday evenings
  • BodyBliss playlists for you to keep & enjoy

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An intimate group experience for women. For 3 weeks, we’ll be going inward. Anchoring bliss in our bodies, so that we can create more of it in our lives.

You and seven other women in a soft sacred container. You’ll be welcomed, guided, held and celebrated.

We’ll use music, movement, journaling, and sharing exercises to connect with ourselves and each other. We’ll feel into our pleasure and use it to nourish the parts of ourselves we’ve been ignoring.

This is time for you to unwind. Time to go gently, completely inward. Relaxing, reconnecting, and finding delicious approval for all of you.

BodyBliss INWARD was created to help you solve these challenges:

~ Tension, tightness, or feeling disconnected from your body.
~ Resistance to moving your body, even though you know it’s so good for you.
~ Being so busy taking care of other people (and work) that you don’t make time for your own needs or pleasure.
~ You love to dance, but it takes time and effort to find great music.
~ Feeling like it’s never a convenient time for you to feel your emotions.
~ Feeling isolated, numb, or overwhelmed.

Through our work together, you’ll be able to:

+ Relax & tune into what your body needs and wants.
+ Remember how amazing it feels to sensually move your body. Feel the lightness, clarity, and freedom for hours and days afterwards.
+ Dance any time you feel like it with your new BodyBliss playlists!
+ Process challenging emotions without getting stuck in them.
+ Feel tenderness and forgiveness toward yourself.
+ Fall in love with the naughty or forgotten parts of you.
+ Connect with other women in a safe, welcoming community.

How to gauge if BodyBliss INWARD is a good fit for you:

  1. You’re open to new ways of softening and moving, allowing new rhythms and patterns to emerge.
  2. You’re curious or excited about alchemizing “dark” emotions, even if you have no idea yet of how that will happen.
  3. You can commit to keeping our space loving and free of judgement or advice.
  4. You’re willing to show up for the live gatherings. The magic is in the giving and receiving together. Calls will not be recorded.

*** Note: This group is 100% safe and welcoming to women with mobility limitations. You will have total freedom and approval to do whatever you need and desire for your body.


  • 3-weeks of connection and movement, facilitated by Candace Moss
  • 75 minute live gatherings on Zoom, twice a week
    (Tuesdays & Thursdays starting at 7:00pm Central Daylight Time)
  • a new BodyBliss playlist each week, for you to keep and enjoy
  • weekly prompts for “self-study” between calls



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Note: This is special pricing for the new 3-week course format.
The next round of INWARD will be closer to $275.


“I REALLY REALLY like participating in your events. You are amazing. So attuned on many nuanced levels, skilled in taking me and us to where I didn’t even know I could go. And needed to go. SO transformative and healing. it is the ONE thing I’m looking forward to!”
~ Lucy H.

“I just want to say that- even though I know how important it is and how good it feels- I’m amazed at how much I avoid really moving during the workday. This, with you, is so welcome. I’m so grateful to be part of this right now.”
~ Mary L.

“Candace!! thank you SO MUCH for creating this group and bringing this practice into our daily lives! I feel naughty and playful and TURNED ON! I leave our gatherings feeling so juicy and vibrant! I feel like others can see my light after!”
~ Mariah S.


I’ve been leading sensual moving meditation classes for over three years. I’m also trained in multiple energy healing modalities. The mystery of how and why BodyBliss works so quickly and so effortlessly still amazes me. How could something so easy and fun create such a massive shift in our bodies and lives?!

I love holding space for unexpected magic, and shining light on the parts of you that are begging to be seen. It’s my pleasure to create strong soft containers so that every woman feels safe, held, and free to be her truest self.



  • INWARD journey begins Tuesday August 4, ends Thursday August 20
  • meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings via Zoom, 7-8:15pm Central Daylight Time (8-9:15pm Eastern Daylight)
  • total of 6 live online gatherings: August 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20
  • optional self-study exercises between gatherings, sent via email
  • $120 payable at registration

You’ll receive an email immediately after you register that will confirm your place. You’ll get another email around August 1st with the Zoom link for our first meeting.