BodyBliss Grief & Peace Gathering

Wednesday July 8, 2020 7-8:30pm Central Daylight Time

  • One hour live gathering, music and dance as medicine
  • Welcome space to move through loss, sadness, fear, loneliness, etc.
  • Using pleasure and turn-on to embrace the grief and experience peace

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Wednesday July 8, 2020 7-8:30pm Central Daylight Time

BodyBliss Gatherings: We gather to connect deeply with ourselves and our sweet bodies, in the presence of our sisters. Music and dance as medicine.

Grief & Peace: The intention of this gathering is to create soft welcoming space for all the sensations surrounding grief: loss, sadness, fear, loneliness, lack, etc. And of course we’ll mix in a heaping dose of pleasure, drenching ourselves in loving oxytocin. You’ll be guided and held. We will share our particular loss, grieve together by moving our bodies, and turn ourselves on, letting the sweet sadness sink all the way in till it feels ecstatic. Then slow to stillness, inviting the peace of a sensation fully felt.

For this gathering, come as you are or dress in mourning to turn yourself on. Always feel free to move your body on screen or off. Whatever you need or desire. We’ll spend some time sharing and witnessing each other. Have paper and pen or pencil at hand. You’ll have plenty of space to move your body however she needs to move.